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See what clients and other professionals are saying about JGB.

A great all around experience, many thanks to JGB!

- R.D & S.D, Clients

My grandfather was pleased with the experience with Dan.

- N.B. & R.G, Clients

We appreciate Jeremy's expertise in creating our living trust. We thank him for allowing us the time to understand the complexibilty and necessity of this document.

- R.C & C.C, Clients

Jeremy was very professional. He offered the best advice even if I did not agree with him.

- X.A, Client

Jeremy was most helpful in advising me. His suggestions were appreciated. Very professional.

- N.C., Client

Jeremy was very helpful. His explanations were clear and he ensured we understood everything completely.

- M.W., Clients

Dan was thorough and efficient. Made for a simple and smooth experience.

- L.F., Client

Dan was very helpful. Was the complete package.

- L.S. & B.S, Clients

I found everything very organized and efficient with each appointment I had with Dan.

- L.L., Client

Keep up the great work Jeremy!

- E.M., Professional Referral Source

Dan, thanks for the personal attention and going the extra mile!

- J.B., Client

Dan was very professional and it was an expiditious experience.

- D.E., Client

Our experience was very positive. Dan provided outstanding service, was responsive to our needs, and charged us an extremely reasonable fee. Thanks for everything!

- J.S. & B.S., Clients

Dan, the clients were very pleased with your thoroughness and professionalism.

- J.P., Professional Referral Source

Excellent customer service, professional staff and highly efficient!

- L.L. & L.L., Clients

Jeremy, your staff were exceptional. Thank you for making my husband and I feel so confortable. We would highly reccomend you to any potential clients.

- M.L. & N.L., Clients

Jeremy, do not change your staff and  do not change what you do.

- J.B., Professional Referral Source

Dan is very helpful, easy to talk to. He thought of issues we wouldn't have.

- R.P. & S.P., Clients

Spencer Baxter was very professional in providing detailed information on our estate planning. All questions were answered and we did not feel the least bit rushed.

- S.M., Client

Dan was very knowledgable and instilled confidence in the Trust approach.

- F.K., Client

Dan, thank you all so much for your help with my clients! Everyone carries themselves with professionalism!

- C.O., Professional Referral Source

Well done! This was the first time i've had the pleasure of working with Spencer. I look forward to doing this again.

- R.B., Professional Referral Source

Mr. Gasink was very knowledgeable and helpful.

- C.L., Client

No improving is needed. My experience with your firm and Mr. Johnson was very helpful.

- B.W., Client

Jeremy and Staff, well done! Very prepared and excellent presentation. Looking forward to introducing you to our kids when the opportunity arises.

- J.F., Client

You guys are the best! Thank you for all you do for our clients!

- D.B., Professional Referral Source

The Trust relationship you have built with my clients, Jeremy, provides a peace of mind that cannot be bought. Thanks!

- P.P., Professional Referral Source

Jeremy was very thorough and listened to all my questions and concerns. As a "What If" sort of person, I deeply appreciated his attention to detail and promptness in responding to me.

- S.H., Client

I am very comfortable knowing my wishes will be completely and perfectly done, when I am no longer able to grant them myself.

- N.P., Client

Spencer was very helpful with our planning. He made everything easy to understand and answered all the questions we had.

- M.L. & T.L., Clients

Spencer's work was outstanding! We had some complex requests. He handed them very well. We are very pleased.

- D.W., Client

Jeremy was the perfect fit for my clients for their Trust and Prenup. Your team continues to provide the value and care I have been looking for in a planning team. Thanks!

- P.P., Professional Referral Source

  All aspects of our meetings and legal business with Jeremy and his staff we found to be professionally delivered yet enjoyable experiences. Jeremy's presentation of legal information was succinct, yet he answered any and all questions in as much detail as needed to promote understanding. His years of legal experience became obvious and useful in creation of legal documentation intended to meet our requested requirements and protection for estate planning purposes. Dedication by the legal partners in this firm to continuing education of changes in the legal system will likely benefit all who continue to seek their legal counsel. Additionally, we appreciate the firm's methods of levels taken to protect our personal information and documentation. We now have peace of mind that our estate will be protected in the future for the benefit of our family. Many thanks to Jeremy and staff!

- J.W. & S.W., Clients

Dan Gasink and his staff are really easy to work with and provide service on a real personal level. Dan is very knowledgeable and is good at listening to your concerns and answering your questions.

- F.S., Clients

Dan is always professional and a great part of my team.

- P.P., Professional Referral Souce

All of our questions and concerns were addressed in a professional way. Mr. Baxter offered insight and his opinion when asked.

- A.P., Client

Spencer was truly a pleasure to work with! Many thanks!

- B.W. & M.W., Clients

It was a very positive experience working with Spencer....well done and professional!

- Y.N., Client

Jeremy , great job as usual!!

- E.M., Professional Referral Source

Spencer, keep up the good work!

- S.H., Professional Referral Source

Spencer Is Great!!

- S.G., Professional Referral Source

Keep doing what you are doing, so well! Everyone involved in the firm are outgoing and take the extra steps to make the clients enjoy the process. Thanks!

- W.C., Client

Every experience we have had with JGB has been excellent.  Jeremy is a geat lawyer who explained everything to us. We feel 100% comfortable referring friends.

- P.J., Client

Mr. Baxter explained everything very clearly to me, so I'm very satisfied. I showed it to my brother (retired banker) and he was impressed on how straightforward the document is.

- S.O., Client

Very thorough estate planning!

- P.S., Client

We appreciate Jeremy's genuine passion and interest as an estate planner. Thank you for making it a joy for us to do our will!

- G.T. & T.T., Clients

Along with my financial planner and Spencer Baxter, both had our interest at heart and we're "on target" in meeting our needs for the future.

- A.C. & C.C., Clients

Spencer gives - Consistently Superior Service!

- R. R., Professional Referral Source

Nice to have a trusted resource for the folks we work with!

- T.C., Professional Referral Source

Jeremy always takes great care of our clients. It is comforting to refer our clients to such a competent professional!

- J.C., Professional Referral Source

We have referred over 70 families to Dan in the last 3 years. We have been very, very pleased with the work they have done for my policyholders.

- T.L., Professional Referral Source

All of JGB consistently do a thorough job for our clients. I have no reservations regarding anyone I refer to you.

- S.V., Professional Referral Source

Jeremy's outstanding professionalism put my clients at ease and they walked away with peace of mind and a true appreciation of the work you do.

- H.R., Professional Referral Source

Everything came out great thanks so much for the help!!!

- D.C., Client

Very Good Experience!!

- B.H., Client

Jeremy was great as always!!

- W.T., Professional Referral Source

Jeremy was wonderful to work with and was great at keeping my office informed.

- M.M., Professional Referral Source

Our time was valued and so were we as clients. Experience was professional in all areas and every question was answered to the fullest so we had no questions at the end of the process.  The depth of details and knowledge gave us complete confidence in the work being done. Integrity and honor are words to describe Jeremy.

- T.B & K.B., Clients

Jeremy took the time that was needed to explain each aspect of our plan.

- W.L. & P.L., Clients

Great Service, we now have peace!!  Spencer took great care of us!!!

- A.T. & A.T., Clients

My experience with Spencer was very good.  He took the time to explain everything and went out of his way to ensure that I was comfortable with everything.

- M.H., Client

Spencer did a fantastic job explaining everything and made us feel very comfortable.  We are extremely satisfied and our only wish is that we had done it sooner.  Thanks!!

- B.M.& P.M., Clients

Spencer was very helpful, knowledgeable, and thorough. We would definitely recommend him to our friends. Thank you again!!

- L.B., Client

Mr. Gasink helped me to understand how the laws work.  He simplified everything! Now my family won't have to work so hard when I pass because i ade the decisions for them. Thanks Mr. Gasink!

- V.J., Client

The help provided was superb, concise and very understandable.

- B.B. & B.B., Clients

Spencer and his staff was incredible. He provided excellent advice, was patient and helped us through every step of the process to create our trust. Thanks for helping establish peace of mind for our famly.

- S.T. & M.T., Clients

Mr. Gasink is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions completely.  He explained everything in laymans terms. Also, he was never rushed and took much time with us. Odd as it may seem for an attorney, but he was always available for our phone calls.

- D.J. & H.J., Clients

Dan is always timely and informed when responding to our needs and questions.  We could not be more pleased with the firm's service.

- C.L. & V.L., Clients

Jeremy is the best estate planning attorney in the business!  His knowledge and expertise have provided my family and my referred friends with sound peace of mind!!

- B.I. & L.I., Clients

Mr. Gasink listened as well as he explained. He taylored the estate plan to meet our needs. My wife and I were very pleased!

- W.C., Client

I was very impressed with the presentation of my will, power of attorney and living will documents in a three ring binder making it easier to find and keep them together.

- M.B., Client

Jeremy was most gracious and helpful when planning my trust. Bringing it all down to something I could understand and walking thru it all to be sure it included what I wanted and needed. Thanks!!

- S.M., Client

Jeremy turned the potentially complex subject of estate planning and tusts into an easy to understand and thorough product.

- M.P. & M.P., Clients

It was great working with Spencer on my father's trust.  He was very patient and explained everything clearly.

- D.B., Client

Jeremy is extremely professional and helpful.  Very pleased with the relationship and service of the firm.

- B.M & R.M., Clients

Outstanding service. Absolutely professional!

- H.R., Client

Jeremy and the entire team at JGB are professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.  I highly recommend them.

- C.M., Client

We appreciate the quick service in changing trust attorneys.  We feel more in contact with our dealings.

- R.S. & G.S., Clients

My husband and I were very impressed with Dan as our trust lawyer.  He is personable and sincere.

- J.M., Client

Totally professional and courteous.  Able to translate "Lawyer Speak" into everyday language for the client.  Glad I chose Jeremy for estate planning.

- P.K., Client

It was a very good experience and i think one of the best decisions I have made. 

- T.F., Client

Extremely informative and professional, look forward to future dealings.

- P.R. & S.R., Clients

Your customer service skills are absolutely outstanding. You really care!

- K.S. & C.S., Clients

It's comforting to know that when I refer to JGB my clients are provided 1st rate service.

- B.M., Professional Referral Source

I've sent 72 families to Dan in the last 3 years and he has closed on approximately 42 of them.  That is 42 families that are now prepared and protected with their estate planing needs.  Dan had been wonderful, as has Lauren!  Love the cookies!!

- T.L., Professional Referral Source

Another Professional Job Jeremy!!

- E.M., Professional Referral Source

Keep up the Great Work Jeremy!!

- E.M., Professional Referral Source

Dan - my clients were very pleased with your thoughtfulness and professionalism.

- J.P., Professional Referral Source

I am very fortunate to be a client of Jeremy Johnson's.  he took a lot of time to explain the advantages of a trust.  The process was well organized and presented in clear terms. His professional conduct was exemplary.  I am now very comfortable that my wishes are in order.

- M.G., Client

Jeremy was thorough.  He was very good at explaining the legal terms and concepts in a clear, concise, and easily understood manner.  Well Done!!

- P.J., Client

Made a very complicated process easy and made me feel very comfortable about my families future with the estate.

- K.D., Client

We appreciate the time taken to address our questions and the explainations of how our trust addresses our specific situation.

- L.T. & K.T., Clients

We are very pleased with the final draft of our wills by Jeremy Johnson.  He is way professional and personable.  Thank you!

- R.W. & E.W., Clients

Keep doing what you are doing!

- D.S., Clients

Dan, great work - As Always!!

- J.C., Professional Referral Source

Dan, thank you for your down to earth explanations of a very difficult subject matter. Our clients are more secure and educated after implementing their trust based planning.

- P.P., Professional Referral Source

Very helpful, concise, easy to find our way through the process with Dan's guidance.  Great feeling of relief to have it settled!

- S.A. & J.A., Clients

Mr. Johnson did an outstanding job mixing legal jargon, personal preference, honor, and translations of codes/acts/definitions into laymans language.

- B.C. & E.C., Clients

Thank you to Dan for his professionalism and guidance during this process.  We are very pleased with the service received, look forward to recommending friends to you in the future, and look forward to doing business with you again!

- A.R. & L.R., Clients

Jeremy made efficient use of our time and his staff's.  By asking the relevant questions, he anticipated our needs.  We look forward to maintaining a long lasting professional relationship!

- B.G. & J.G., Clients

Good Job Jeremy!  Done quickly and very professional!!

- J.M., Client

 It was a great experience.  Jeremy was detailed and articulate.  He was able to deal with all last minute changes and finish the will at the final meeting.

- T.A. & B.B., Clients

The firm is a great combination of expertise and compassion!!

- L.W., Client

We have followed Jeremy from his association with a former law firm to the beginning of his own law practice.  Jeremy is an excellent listener, and in turn, draws upon his knowledge and experience to provide a very detailed and thorough document or response.  Best of all, we always feel as if we are "at home", and visiting a close friend whenever we meet for a consultation.  We are very comfortable putting our "Trust" in Jeremy's most capable hands.  

- B.W. & B.W., Clients

The public service seminar through Thomas Nelson Community College granted our family the necessary information to make informed decisions. The professional and personal attention from Dan helped us to design a strong plan to protect our assets and heirs.  Thank you!

- J.F. & B.F., Clients

Jeremy has excellent communication skills in explaining the need and the actual plan.  He was very patient in answering all questions. 

- G.F., Professional Referral Source

Jeremy made my clients feel very comfortable!

- J.W., Professional Referral Source

The firm is great!!

- B.M., Professional Referral Source

Our clients were impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of Jeremy and his staff.

- T.C. & J.C., Professional Referral Sources

Jeremy, you were great as usual!!

- D.Z., Professional Referral Soure

My clients were very appreciative of my referral to Jeremy.  Jeremy's staff was most helpful when I had questions or needed information pertaining to the process or the agreements. Thank you for always keeping me in the loop!

- B.T., Professional Referral Source

Very professional, competant, and compassionate!! Jeremy was totally focused on the needs of the client! Thanks very much!!!

- E.R., Professional Referral Source

We look forward to our continued relationship with Johnson, Gasink, & Baxter!!  What a class act!!

- R.A., Professional Referral Source

Jeremy, your team always does a great job for our clients and I feel we work well together!

- S.V., Professional Referral Source

Jeremy was very professional.  He kept me updated.  He was prompt and on time for all appointments!

- C.T., Professional Referral Source

A trust is proof that you love your family!  With something as important as this, I only want the Best Firm working with my clients!! Thanks Dan!!

- P.B., Professional Referral Source

Spencer clearly explained alternatives.  He spent lots of time with us.  He helped clarify the trust procedure after we reviewed the trust.

- M.D. & S.D., Clients

Dan was professional, knowledgeable and took the time to explain all the options in this very important process.  We are very happy clients!!

- S.M. & G.M., Clients

Dan was super in walking us through the process!!

- E.D. & R.D., Clients

Seriously impressed and thankful for your help. I've told everyone, I'm happy to share!

- D.B., Client

Keep up the good work Jeremy!!

- E.M., Professional Referral Source

So wonderful to meet totally professional people. Jeremy was courteous, on time, thorough, and caring.

- P.S. & S.S., Clients

Jeremy, your professionalism is a reflection in the quality and knowledge of your work!!

- T.M., Professional Referral Source

Mr. Gasink made this task such a simple one.  It is a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders to know that our daughter and each other are taken care of through the trust!  Thank you!!

- D.H. & N.H., Clients

Jeremy exceeded our expectations!!

- T.H. & N.H., Clients

As soon as we entered the office each time we were greeted and made to feel welcomed and comfortable. Jeremy is the epitome of professionalism and competence.  He addressed all of our estate needs and went above and beyond. He's the Best! We would be very happy to refer other clients to your office!

- D.J. & J.J., Clients

Spencer, we appreciate the good work and explaination of our trust!

- V.H. & C.H., Clients

We appreciated Daniel's patience and step by step guiding through the estate planning process.

- W.E. & F.E., Clients

Dan, you have a fine working office.

- M.B. & L.B., Clients

Spencer, Thank you for making the process quick and painless. We appreciate the professional appearance of the materials.  Your staff is courteous and professional.

- W.R. & J.R., Clients

Jeremy's advice and wise counsel have given ua a "peace of mind" to know that our assets are now fairly proportioned and legally protected.

- G.C. & A.C., Clients

Dan exceeded our expectations. Thanks for making the process painless!

- J.S. & K.S., Clients

Jeremy, thank you for understanding the circumstances I was dealing with. You put me at ease with how I wished my trust to work. As always the appointment was very informative on many levels!!

- S.M., Client

Spencer did a very good job during the whole process. Thanks for the help.

- -L.W., Client

We had a great experience! Very professional and thorough with full attention to our goals and needs. I would feel very comfortable referring someone to your firm.

- P.F. & L.F.; Clients

Very personable and detailed. Dan made the experience enjoyable.

- S.G., Client

We have already recommended you to others. Very professional.

- R.T., Client

What I appreciated most was the patient way in which my questions were answered (probably multiple times!) At the end of the process I felt I had not consulted an attorney but developed a relationship - a good feeling!

- P.B., Client

I was very pleased at the way Jeremy took his time and explained the areas that I could not get my hands around. It definitely takes a lawyer to keep all of the info organized.

- A.R., Client

Really appreciate Jeremy's attentiveness to our needs.

- J.K., Client

Dan was very courteous and helpful in explaining the trust that would best suit our needs.

- D.S. & J.S., Clients

You made this easy to comprehend. I appreciate the guidance as I chose my direction of estate planning.

- L.W., Client

Overall very positive experience!

- K.Y. & M.P., Clients

I was very impressed at Jeremy's knowledge in preparing my trust and his explanations.

- G.B., CLient

You were very helpful in explaining the different parts of our will. Your attitude and manners were extremely helpful to us during the time we spent with you.

- A.G., Client

Dan was very thorough and had timely response to my needs

- A.G., Client

Dan I thank you for helping me with my will because you were very kind and understanding with me when I did not feel sure about things I had to do.

- L.C. & D.C., Clients

This was our first successful estate planning we have had. We have attempted this at least twice before, but have never worked with someone as knowledgeable as Spencer. Thanks!

- D.C., Client

Spencer we appreciated the professional and personal experience provided to us as well as helpful suggestions. Thank You!

- C.G. & C.A., Clients

Spencer my accountant reviewed the trust document with me and said the attorney did an outstanding job!!

- H.M., Client

Jeremy was very helpful in preparing the documents for us. He explained the process, legal requirements in an easy to understand manner.

- S.A. & S.A., Clients

Excellent experience. Very thorough. Thanks Jeremy

- J.D., Client

My wife and I agree that our meeting with Dan was informative. He was very professional. He outlined what we needed to do. We appreciate the time and effort he took coming to Virginia Beach.

- R.K. & P.K., Clients

Spencer was very professional but more than that he was so friendly and informative.

- C.M., Client

Excellent as always!!

- I.P., Professional Referral Source

Jeremy did a great job making my client feel comfortable and keeping me informed throughout the process!

- A.D., Professional Referral Source

We are very impressed with Jeremy and your staff. Well done!!

- D.R. & B.P., Clients

Spencer was prepared, confident, knowledgeable, and curtious. We would recommend this firm for their counsel.

- R.H. & V.H., Clients

Jeremy did a fantastic job providing us with all the information needed to make a solid decision in our will preparation and execution.

- T.C., Client

Jeremy we were delighted to have such a compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyer drafting our estate plan! Thank you!

- G.H. & D.H., Clients

Extremely pleased with Spencer. Very knowledgeable and provided excellent assistance.

- D.B., Client

Spencer was extremely clear in his explanation of our estates' interests. He made us feel very comfortable in our decisions regarding our trusts.

- C.A. & O.H., Clients

Dan was very pleasant and delivered as promised.

- D.E. & S.E., Clients

Jeremy made the process easy to understand while capturing all our requests and wishes. Thank you Jeremy!!

- C.W. & B.C., Clients

Jeremy was very thorough in discussing our will and trust. His staff was courteous and always greated us in a warm way.

- E.G. & S.G., Clients

I an very impressed with Jeremy's knowledge and the professional way he helped us with our estate planning.

- P.L. & A.L., Clients

I felt that this firm took a strong interest in my trust and estate planning needs. A truely professional group who cares about their clients.

- J.C., Client

If you are looking for a perceptive and thoroughly professional law firm to ease your mind about your estate plans, I recommend you talk to an attorney at JGB.

- S.S., Client

Dan's experience is obvious. Thank you!

- C.D. & G.D., Clients

Outstanding interaction with Jeremy in every respect. Down - to - earth, responsive and very attuned to developing exactly the product desired.

- J.W., Client

Jeremy is a trusted partner who provides a valuable service to his clients helping them manage their affairs for generations to come.

- D.C., Professional Referral Source

Always wonderful working with Dan Gasink. He is very knowledgeable and professional.

- M.M., Client

Jeremy is always prepared and clear with his communications. Breaks down legal speak into terms the everyday person can understand. Glad to be on their team.

- P.K. & B.K., Clients

Always a pleasure working with JGB.

- H.R., Professional Referral Source

I truly appreciate the flexibility of the JGB lawyers and their willingness to meet with clients at locations other than the Williamsburg office.

- T.D., Client

Dan thank you for explaining the advantages and disadvantages of various estate planning options and for helping us select the correct options for us.

- R.N. & P.N., Clients

Jeremy Johnson and his staff always make you feel like you are the most important client in his law firm.

- E.R., Professional Referral Source

Dan was recommended to me by two professionals. My investment advisor and my insurance agent. I have recommeded him to my friends for their planning needs. Dan is an excellent estate planning attorney.

- W.S., Client

Jeremy did a great job!

- L.S., Client

We were treated in a professional manner. You did a great job Jeremy in addressing our concerns and explaining complicated details in a simple manner.

- P.L., Client

I have referred 90 families to Dan since Jan 2009. He has finalized 47 estate plans for those families. He has been an absolutely wonderful resource for me and my policyholders.

- T.L., Professional Referral Source

Great work Jeremy on my NFA trust!!

- B.B., Client

Daniel made this process easy to understand and helped us feel confident in our plans.

- A.S. & B.S., Clients

The package and information provided to us was excellent.

- D.R. & M.R., Clients

We found our experience to be rewarding in that the firms comprehensive, courteous and caring efforts produced exceptional results. For the first time, we left a lawyer's office knowing what the paper work meant and confident in the power of that paper! Thanks Jeremy and staff!

- M.N. & J.M., Clients

I feel confident with the advice I've received.

- P.E., Client

Wonderful experience working with Dan.

- R.B. & S.G., Clients

Trust set up went smoothly with great explanations of laws and future requirements. Thanks Jeremy.

- M.B. & H.B., Clients

I personally think you have everything in place to serve your clients well.

- J.T., Client

Spencer was very professional but more than that he was so friendly and informative.

- C.M., Client

Mr. Johnson's presentation of the trust was very professional and well done.

- J.S., Client

We found Jeremy to be a very professional and knowledgeable attorney with significant experience with wills and estate planning. His credentials and performance are very impressive.

- J.P. & M.P., Clients

Dan's information confirmed that establishing a family trust is a smart investment and fairly easy to maintain.

- P.M. & B.M., Clients

Spencer was very friendly and helpful during both of our appointments. I felt our concerns were addressed fully and respectfully. Our estate plan is unique to us and not just a standard template.

- C.B. & K.B., Clients

Positive experience. Excellent communication both in and out of the office. Prompt and accurate. Thank you Dan!

- H.M. & K.M., Clients

Excellent service

- G.W. & L.W., Clients

We are very satisfied with dealing with Jeremy and his staff. We feel that the service and overall experience was worth every penny.

- T.W. & A.W., Clients

Went way beyond desired service.

- J.D., Professional Referral Source

Professional, comprehensive, courteous and compassionate service. Outstanding law firm. Thank you for protecting my business and my family's goals.

- J.V., Client

Very thorough, very patient, very clear explanations of recommendations. We are comfortable with our decisions and your firm.

- J.B. & D.B., Clients

Great and friendly service.

- J.G., Client

The whole experience was excellent! Took the time to make sure we understood everything and could call anytime with questions. Thank you Jeremy!

- J.M. & K.M., Clients

Great experience! A very detailed product. Loved the attention to detail.

- A.L., Client

We sincerely appreciated Jeremy's expertise in his handling of our legal needs. He took what was a very tender, emotional issue for us and made it less stressful and much easier than we anticipated!

- V.S., Client

Extremely Knowledgeable, quick to respond. Glad to keep sending customers!

- C.O., Professional Referral Source

Dan was very polite and very helpful in fulfilling our needs.

- A.N., Client

Very professional, personable, excellent service! We will certainly recommend you to others.

- M.G. & B.G., Clients

Spencer was professional, knowledgeable and quite impressive.

- J.G. & S.G., Clients

Dan was very professional, clear and detailed in explaining the legal language and answering our questions, and humorous throughout! We found the experience enlightening and enjoyable!!

- C.C. & N.C., Clients

We were very satisfied with the attention and work Jeremy gave us. We are happy with our business association with this firm!! Thank you Jeremy!!!

- D.E. & J.E., Clients

Excellent staff, very friendly and helpful.

- M.M., Client

I believe Spencer did a first class job. His control of the meeting was one of the best I have seen and he did it naturally.

- S.M., & B.P., Clients

I found Mr. Gasink explained everything clear and concise.

- C.M., Client

Jeremy and Lauren were very helpful through the entire process. All of our questions received prompt responses. Thanks for accommodating our compressed timeline.

- B.B. & D.B., Clients

We were very pleased with all aspects of your law firm, and will be most happy to send you any referrals we can.

- C.M. Client

I appreciate the professionalism, attention to detail & thoroughness. My trust is an elegant document, one that I value! The process was clarifying.

- E.C., Client

Jeremy is our vision of the perfect lawyer - extremely knowledgeable, custimizes estate planning to our needs, very personable and instills confidence we have the best plan.

- G.S. & D.S., Clients

We have been procrastinating for some time on getting a good lawyer and sitting down and drawing up our will/trust. A couple of months ago, we received a letter from Tidewate Community College informing us, as seniors, of a seminar being held by Besnier Financial and the guest speaker happened to be Dan Gasink. A few minutes into his presentation, we felt her was our choice because of his wit, sense of humor and more important, his professional knowledge regarding estate planning.

- J.H. & M.H., Clients

Jeremy did an outstanding job explaining the trust concepts in easy to understand terms.

- M.E., Professional Referral Source

Great work on our trust update. We will definitley get hold of Spencer again for future needs.

- M.F. & J.F., Clients

Spencer is very competent. He explains things clearly, more than once if necessary.

- M.B., Client

I am so appreciative for the prompt and professional service I received from Dan. He really go me "on track" with my documentation.

- C.C., Client

Thank you for your compassion and taking such good care of us. We will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

- C.W. & M.W., Clients

Superb advice and service from all who assisted me. They simplified my estate planning while providing me with confidence that my goals are being met.

- T.P., Client

Spencer was terrific. He is very knowledgeable. We really enjoyed working with Spencer. Thank you!

- W.H. & D.C., Clients

Jeremy was very personable, he was able to make suggestions to help us complete this process with ease.

- B.B. & J.B., Clients

We were very pleased with everything.

- R.S. & J.S., Clients

Mr. Johnson made a painful process easy and enjoyable.

- R.R., Client

Great experience!!

- D.C. & K.C., Clients

You were all very easy to work with and helped us work through a very emotional process as we did our estate planning with you.

- W.S., Client

Dan provided a very complete plan and was able to explain it thoroughly to us. We had a very positive meeting.

- S.R. & G.R., Clients

Professional, organized and very thorough. Very efficient use of time.

- P.L. & M.L., Clients

Thanks Jeremy, my wife and I greatly appreciated how you handle our planning. You made it understandable, answering our questions completely. Thanks again. We look foward to a continuining relationship.

- M.N. & J.N., Clients

We were very pleased with Spencer and the results we achieved with the trust. We would recommend your firm to other people and have on several occassions already.

- L.D., Client

Honest, down to earth, I could understand all the paperwork. Would gladly refer you to friends and co workers.

- D.S & C.S., Clients

Very professional, competent, and forthright.

- M.D., Client

Jeremy took the time to answer all of our questions completely. He was personable, professional, and knowledgable. It was a pleasure to work with Jeremy.

- G.C. & D. C., Clients

Everything was fully explained. I am comfortable with my reworked trust and my son appreciated the Cd.

- M.N., Client

After we heard Dan speaking, we decided that it was really necessary to have an estate planning/trust. Dan guided us through the planning step by step. We are sleeping better now that everything is in order!

- T.W. & A.M., Clients

We have been searching (and delaying) with a few attorneys for the last 10 years. We have never been totally satisfied until we met Dan Gasink. A truly amazing, personable attorney in every possible way!! Thank you Dan!!

- J.M. & E.M., Clients

Thank you for your responsive service. It was a pleasure working with you Dan.

- C.S., Client

We could not be more pleased with every aspect of our experience with JGB - the process and the finished product.

- W.M. & L.M., Clients

Very professional. Very complete and knowledgable. Trustworthy. Excellent experience.

- L.M., Client

Staff was very helpful in rescheduling my wife and I due to a medical conflict. Thank you!!

- G.B., Client

Our experience in updating our trust went smoothly and we were pleased with the results. Thank you Dan!

- J.P. & K.P., Clients

Jeremy I was (and am) extremely impressed with your firm, your efficiency and your genuine interest in helping us out. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

- D.S., Client

Always a satisfying and professional experience.

- B.G., Client

My experience with attorney Jeremy Johnson was exceptional. It was professional, pleasant, and very thorough. I would definitely refer friends and family members for legal assistance.

- E.J., Client

Jeremy made us feel very comfortable and explained everything well.

- B.M., Client

JGB treats you like family. They go above and beyond to help you. They always made sure you understand each process before moving to the next step.

- D.M., Client

Accurate, fast, complete, and cost effective work.

- D.D., Client

We found Dan and his assistants to be very friendly and helpful. He understood our needs and with his expertise we were able to accomplish our goals in a timely manner.

- S.H. & S.H., Clients

Jeremy made this process simple and made us feel comfortable each step of the way.

- J.H. & A.H., Clients

Our experience with Dan Gasink and his staff were very positive. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and patient. We were never hurried.

- C.R & R.R., Clients

I am very pleased with the time spent with me by caring people: Spencer Baxter, Katie Ross, Jennifer Naranjo at the front desk and Kristi Millett.

- C.R., Client

I chose JGB because of their professionalism and courteous environment. My mother-in-law was very pleased with the reasonable charge for the design of her trust agreement.

- G.B., Client

Jeremy provided excellent service and resolved all our issues. Thanks!

- W.H., Client

Excellent job Jeremy on reviewing and updating our trust. Very thorough and professional, courteous and helpful.

- M.B. & M.B., clients

Spencer was very thorough in explaining our living trust. He was patient with answering our questions. He was easy and pleasant and helpful to work with.

- S.P. & L.P., Clients

We have been very happy with our dealings in our estate planning and other areas. Jeremy has helped our family out. He explains everything very clean and easy to understand. Enjoyed working with Jeremy.

- J.K. & T.K., Clients

We appreciated the time taken by Jeremy to review and explain the entire trust binder to us.

- P.C. & P.C., Clients

Spencer is excellent. Everything was explained very clearly and he made sure we understood fully. 

- K.C. & L.C., Clients

We felt very comfortable having Daniel as our attorney.

- W.D. & I.D., Clients

Jeremy made us feel very comfortable during the process with no pressure. Thank you.

- W.L. & L.L., Clients

This is something we've thought about for sometime. We feel very comfortable and assural now that it is complete. Dan was professional throughout and answered all of our questions.

- T.V. & T.V., Clients

Mr. Baxter was very helpful, thorough and professional in helping us create a trust that will help us achieve all of our financial, health and security goals.

- M.H. and L.H., clients

Dan addressed all of my estate planning needs. I was well pleased and will definately refer others to this firm.

- J.A., Client

Daniel made the experience a fun and learning experience.

- J.H. & M.H., Clients

Spencer was very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me update my will with clean, concise, and practical advice. I'm very fortunate to have the help of Spencer and the staff of JGB available for my future.

- B.R., Client

Mr. Baxter was very informative about the law and process, and was able to meet us at a convenient location and time.


- A.B., Client

I appreciate the helpfulness, thoroughness, efficiency and sincerity in which Mr. Johnson assisted me with my estate and business planning. I would not hesitate to recommend him and the firm in the future.

- J.W., Client

Dan made the process and product much easier than I had anticipated. Concise on the point and friendly experience. Much appreciated.

- J.M., Client

Timely, Professional service. Thank you!

- S.P., Client

Jeremy was very helpful & knowledgeable. I have already referred a friend. Thanks for being on top of your game!!

- H.M., Client

Thank you Jeremy for all your help and I look forward to working with you more!

- S.W., Client

"Excellent" and concise estate plan. Our specific needs were addressed, as well as some items we had not considered, but required.


- A.L. & B.L., Clients

Thank you Dan for taking the time to explain our trust. We should have started it years ago.

- D.B. & M.B., Clients

From the moment my daughter and I walked into the office we felt that we were talking to family and friends. I feel very confident about my estate now.

- J.L., Client

Dan was very courteous and helpful. His knowledge and professionalism assisted us greatly in the process of our estate planning.

- R.L. & D.L., Clients

Very much enjoyed the enriching experience. Jeremy is a professional whose skills are perfectly suited to our situation and desires.

- E.B., Client

Jeremy and his staff were very personable, professional, thorough and helpful.

- R.W., Client

We thought it was going to be a difficult process. Dan made it painless. Thank you.

- S.B. & L.B., Clients

Attorney broke the law down into simple terms. Asked directed questions to determine our needs and wishes. Felt like a partnership.

- G.S. & S.S., Clients

We thought Spencer explained Estate Planning very well to us. He was easy to work with. We felt very comfortable with him and he answered all our questions.

- R.M. & D.M., Clients

It was a pleasure working with Spencer Baxter. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. We appreciate his professionalism and thank him for his service.

- R.C. & S.C., Clients

Very impressed with Spencer! He provided everything we needed to make all our decisions. We have put off doing this for years. He made it a pleasant process.

- R.B. & B.B., Clients

Thoroughly professional yet warm and personal. Very positive experience!

- T.M. & M.M., Clients

What I liked especially is that Mr. Gasink was very down to earth and real.

- G.P. & G.P., Clients

Unequivocally this was a great experience. Jeremy is the most knowledgeable and thorough estate attorney imaginable. It was rewarding to do the work upfront with him. 

- J.M., Client

Great job - very knowledgeable on all aspects of trust law. We trust Jeremy! Thanks!

- K.S. & R.S., Clients

Jeremy did an excellent job in understanding our family and needs. He did an outstanding service for us.

- M.C. & S.C., Clients

Daniel made an often tedious necessity a pleasant experience.

- E.M. Client

It was a very professional meeting and the end result was very positive for my husband and myself.

- R.L. & L.L., Clients

Dan and the whole team made the process of establishing my trust easy, painless and possible. I couldn't be more pleased.

- J.B., Client

Very professional and knowledgeable.

- L.E., Client

Professional, detailed and appropriate information was presented to me. Various options were explained to enable me to make wise decisions. The entire staff were kind, gracious and professional.

- L.P., Client

Spencer did an excellent job in explaining our options and thoroughly answered our questions. After our meeting, we were confident we were making the right decision.

- B.S. & K.S., Clients

Our experience was fantastic. I don't know why we didn't do this sooner!

- T.S., Client

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